'Shark Tank' Star Barbara Corcoran Endorses Bloomberg for President - TMZ

  • 6 March 2020

'Shark Tank' Barbara Corcoran Bloomberg Would be a Great Prez ... Business Equals Leadership

3/2/2020 10:29 AM PT

Michael Bloomberg's successful career in business would almost certainly translate to success in the White House ... so says Barbara Corcoran.

The "Shark Tank" star spoke to us Monday on "TMZ Live" and told us exactly why she thinks Bloomberg's incredible rise in the marketplace proves he's got the chops to lead the country. Watch ... she says guys like him are well-versed to be deft decision-makers.

Perhaps more importantly ... Barbara says Bloomberg knows how to solve problems.

One of the other notable things BC likes about MB ... the guy built his empire in an honest way, coming from nothing and amassing a 60-plus billion-dollar fortune. Barb says that's more than some politicians in office today can say -- *cough* Trump *cough,* perhaps?


Of course, Bloomberg's facing challenges along the campaign trail -- the biggest seems to be his past controversial comments about stop-and-frisk, which dog him to this day.

Still, Barbara's sending a strong message -- a full-blown endorsement -- for Bloomberg, whom she says she'd celebrate if he goes the distance this year.

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